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  • Maine12329

    went to cosfest!

    July 6, 2014 by Maine12329

    was at Cosfest Asia XIII in Singapore. (It's near my house, so I usually go. lol.)

    I really love this pic of the Sora and Shiro cosplayers (there were 3 pairs of Sora and Shiro cos-ers). Although it doesn't feature their faces, they are perfectly in their own world like how Sora and Shiro should be.


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  • Maine12329

    Twitter widget

    May 11, 2014 by Maine12329

    I changed the twitter widget to a NGNL wiki twitter account. If anyone else wants to tweet, just tweet to me and I'll retweet it~

    I'm thinking of sharing the password of the account if admins want it.

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  • Maine12329

    Baka Tsuki work

    May 10, 2014 by Maine12329

    I just started working on Baka Tsuki and posted the translation to Volume 4 Easy Start. May start translating more of the light novels if I have the time to.

    Also, someone seems to have posted C933103's translation of the Preface there. Do you want your translation posted there? o.o and since it looks like it's stolen/uncredited to you, we could point it out and indicate for you to be credited.

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