aka Callum

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is nothing at the moment just a huge anime and manga fan
  • I am Boy
  • Kenpachizaraki0071

    How I found the series of No Game No Life, the year was 2014 I was still very new to anime and was trying to find something new and came across No Game No Life around 2 in the morning while sleeping over at my Aunts place. If I remember correctly it was nearing the end of the series on Crunchyroll 11/12 episodes were realesed and the 12th being released the day of (or a few afer I can't remember)

    And I instanly loved it from the vivid colouring the great story how it made you think everything was great with it after it was over I left it until I found out that it was getting both an English Dub (which I prefer more since I can consintraite on the show and everything else going on easier) I watched it once in the Dub and I still loved it eve…

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