Shinku Nilvalen (シンク・ニルヴァレン, Shinku Niruvaren)? was an Elf that lived during the Great War. She is Feel Nilvalen's ancestor.

Appearance Edit

Shinku bears many similarities with Feel. She has long, wavy blonde hair and her eyes have purple irises with pink pupils. She has a small pink ribbon that keeps a small portion of her hair in a plait and a very large bust.

Her clothes consisted of a white, rather revealing dress that showed her midriff and barely covered her chest and legs and golden armbands with a long strip of white fabric that acted as her sleeves. She wore brown sandals with a ballet-like wrap that went just past her ankles and simple, blue bracelets.

She also had a headpiece that was made of four different-coloured jewels - two blue, two pink - and hair accessories that were shaped like white flowers.

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