"Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority."

- the 7th of Ten PledgesEdit

The Race Representative are people who represent the entire of their respective race when game are played between race, by the 7th pledge above. The role are usually given to (and define) leader of the race and his/her confidee. In many cases, They are basically physically and mentally superior compared to their brethmens, except for mentally-linked Ex-machina. As a matter of fact, Race Representive were given the Race Piece, and to some degree, able to summon it as items for bet if without intervention. Here names the representive and their confidee amongst their respective races. 

Imanity Edit

Kuhaku (King and Queen)

Former King of Imanity

Werebeast Edit

Miko (Matriarch)

Hatsuse Izuna

Flügel Edit

Azriel (The First unit and leader of 18 wings council)


Dhampir Edit

Plum (Prince)

Seiren Edit

Laira (Queen)

Ex-machina Edit

Einithi (Administrator)

Old Deus Edit

Horou (Self-proclaimed)

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