The Phantasma (幻想種(ファンタズマ), Fantasuma) are the second ranked race of the Exceed. Not much has been revealed about them, except that Avant Heim is one of the Phantasma. During the end of the Great War, they became allies with the Dwarf race, but only to destroy the Elf and Dragonia races that had recently became allies.

Appearance Edit

Avant Heim is the only known Phantasma up to date. His true form is similar to a giant whale, but from outside resembles a giant floating rock, and has the "right to infringe on others' sunlight and view" (as noted by Sora[1]).

Strengths Edit

Seen as the second best of the races when it comes to magic affinity. Able to overpower any race 6 and below with ease. Heavily connected with the spirit circuits.

Weaknesses Edit

List of Known Phantasma Edit

  • Avant Heim

Trivia Edit

  • The Elves created a spell that could kill multiple Phantasma during the Great War[2].
  • Jibril is the only known Flügel to have killed a Phantasma single handedly.
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  2. Light Novel Volume 6