No Game No Life Gaiden: Practical War Game (ノーゲーム・ノーライフ プラクティカルウォーゲーム) is a Gaiden volume of the of the No Game No Life (Series) Light Novel series, published on December 23, 2016. It was releases in two different editions, the regular one and a special limited edition, that was bundled with a Sora Nendoroid.

Plots Edit

The Gaiden covers six short stories including different charactors about their exploits in different periods

Abstract war game

As Sora plays chess with Feel Nirvalen to test the effect of her Magic after the two "joined" Elchea Federation, they begins talk about Nina Cliffe and Shinku Nilvalen---the two magic casters whom were given the title of Corolla, with abilities superior to their descendant.

Practical war game

The story never told about the game of Shinku Nilvalen, Nina Cliffe against Ronnie de Launier. How the former taste her first defeat in the device of latter, the exact relationship between two Corollas, the creation of "Protections", and the end of war in their own sight...

Three times to repeat the game

As she play a desperate game against Sora to prove the fact she isn't a idiot, and the Imanity king had reveal his trick in the sheeve. A very horrible incident occured when Stephanie Dola find herself paying a risky price to play on equal term with Sora.

Is on the card or peach flush

Chlammy Zell reminiscence her life from an incident ocurred few months before her defeat at the hand of Kuhaku and their coronation, which pushed Feel Nirvalen to rebel against Elven Gard's corrupted hierarchy. After numerous events taken place, Chlammy has made use of Sora's trick she learned from his memories to take her revenge while the duo take step toward their plans by tying up loose end.

Highcard all Raise Vol 1

During the Great War, Flügel have created many bloodshed in the name of Artosh, their creator and the God of War. However, Raphael and Azriel noted the mightiest figure in the world rarely smiled ever since slaying Hartyrave himself, except being challenged by their youngest sister, Jibril. As the Valkyries continue their daily battle, Jibril decided to challenge a Dragonia by herself.

Highcard all Raise Vol 2

After suffer defeats for six time in the hand of the White Dragon, Jibril gain the habit of writing diary and learned elf language in order to defeat dragon. Meanwhile, Azriel decided to stop the extra unit by force if necessary. Looking at the acts, decisions and accomplishments of his creations, Artosh slowly remember the true meaning behind the extra unit...

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