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The Exceed (十六種族(イクシード), Ikushīdo) refers to the 16 sentient races of Disboard whom the Ten Pledges apply to. They are ranked based on their affinity to magic.

No mixing across races is observed in Disboard. The top 6 races are regarded as "Life" (生命, Seimei) and "Living beings" while the bottom 10 races are regarded as "Creatures" (生物, Seibutsu) and "Living things". The split between the top 6 and bottom 10 races represent the difference of heaven and earth, as the Seimei are vastly more powerful than the Seibutsu. All races were created by the Old Deus, except for Imanity.

The Flügel reside in Avant Heim, the Elves reside in Elven Gard, the Werebeasts reside in the Eastern Federation, the Seirens, as well as the Dhampir, reside in Oceando, the Dwarves reside in Harden Fell, and the Imanity reside in Elchea. The names of the other countries which the rest of the races reside have yet to be revealed.


Rank Name Japanese Country Race Piece Representative Creator
1 Old Deus 神霊種(オールドデウス) Pawn "Horou"
2 Phantasma 幻想種(ファンタズマ) Pawn
3 Elemental 精霊種(エレメンタル) Pawn
4 Dragonia 龍精種(ドラゴニア) Pawn
5 Gigant 巨人種(ギガント) Pawn
6 Flügel 天翼種(フリューゲル) Avant HeimElchea Federation Queen Azriel Artosh
7 Elf 森精種(エルフ) Elven Gard Rook Kanias
8[1] Dwarf 地精種(ドワーフ) Harden Fell Bishop Nýi Tilwig Okein
9[1] Fairy 妖精種(フェアリー) Pawn
10 Ex-Machina  機凱種(エクスマキナ) Bishop Einithi Horou
11[1] Demonia 妖魔種(デモニア) Pawn
12 Dhampir 吸血種(ダンピール) OceandoElchea Federation Knight Plum
13 Lunamana 月詠種(ルナマナ) Red Moon Rook
14 Werebeast 獣人種(ワービースト) Eastern FederationElchea Federation Pawn Miko
15 Seiren 海棲種(セーレーン) OceandoElchea Federation Knight Laira
16 Imanity 人類種(イマニティ) Elchea KingdomElchea Federation King 『  』 -

Legendary Figures Edit

  • Old Deus
    • Artosh (God of War), Creator of the Flügels
    • Kanais (God of the Forest), Creator of the Elves
    • Okein (God of the Forge), Creator of the Dwarves
    • Horou (God of Doubt), Creator of the Ex-Machina
    • Tet (One True God), God of play
  • Flügel
    • Jibril
      • The Last Flügel / Strongest Flügel
    • Azriel
      • The First Flügel
  • Imanity
    • Blank
    • Riku Dola
      • "Spieler"
  • Ex-Machina
    • Shuvi Dola
  • Elves
    • Nina Cliffe (Corolla)
      • Eternal Fourth Protection
    • Shinku Nirvalen (Coralla)
      • Aka Si Anse
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Fairy · Ex-Machina · Demonia · Dhampir · Lunamana · Werebeast · Seiren · Imanity


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