森精種 / エルフ
NGNL5 22
A long lived race who mature slowly.
• Professional Information•
Country Elven Gard
Exceed Ranking 7th
Race Piece Rook
• First Appearance•
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
• Important Members•
Important Members Feel Nilvalen (Senator)

The Elves (森精種(エルフ), Erufu)? are the seventh ranked race of the Exceed and were created by Kainasu, the Forest God. Their homeland is Elven Gard, the largest nation on Disboard.

Though the elf country is democratic with the largest families within the council of elders, they often have slaves from other races to serve them from within the conquered territories they have claimed or from bets that have been lost, this often results in generational slave families living with their owner families for life such as Chlammy Zell lives with Feel Nirvalen. It is noted that there are currently 2 factions within Elven Gard, the council of elders and the Hero of elves, who was not given much detail other than the Hero of Elves has the support of the Elven people, while the council is trying to gain more power over the people.


The elves have the highest affinity to magic among the Creature Form races and are often synonymous with magic. They are the only Creature Form race capable of casting multiple spells at once. This advantage has allowed them an edge in games against other Creature Form races due to their unmatched usage of magic as a way to cheat and manipulate games. Despite this, certain situations such as the video games of the Werebeasts can nullify their magical advantage and level the playing field.




During the Great War, they were believed to be created by Kainasu, the Forest God.

Of their history It is known that eight hundred years ago before the installment of the Ten Oaths, Jibril had single-handedly destroyed their capital city in a single strike within a fit of rage after she was knocked from the sky by an anti-flying spell placed above the capital city and hurt herself. Jibril also stole their books about magic, stalling the growth of their magic ability for a long time.



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