精霊種 / エレメンタル
• Professional Information•
Exceed Ranking 3rd
Race Piece Pawn
• First Appearance•
Light Novel 1 (mentioned)
Anime 1 (mentioned)
Manga 1 (mentioned)

The Elementals (精霊種(エレメンタル), Erementaru)? are the third ranked race of the Exceed. Every living thing born on Disboard contains traces of Elementals.

Elementals are most concentrated in the erogenous zones. The body of a Flügel is said to be entirely made up of elementals, and the Elementals are most concentrated in their wings. The network, which elementals form within a body, is termed as an Elemental gallery. It is from this gallery that the races of the Exceed below the Elementals' rank (with the exception of Imanity) can control the flow of elementals to generate their specific abilities according to their race.

In the sixth episode, the siblings caused Jibril's Elemental gallery to disappear during materialization shiritori, which restricted her physical abilities and rendered her unable to fly. Jibril also brought an Elemental water infused shampoo for Shiro to use, which lessened Shiro's dislike of baths.

According to Light Novel Volume 6, elemental particles are originally blue in color. Imanity is unable to see this due to their lack of a connection to the Elemental Gallery.

Dead Elementals leave Elemental bones, which are known as "Black ash".


  • Flügels have the ability to detect what kind of Elementals an organism contains.
  • Elves are able to examine one's personality from the Elemental particles they emit.
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