Location Andalusia continent
Controlled By Imanity
• First appearance•
Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Elchea (エルキア)?, or Elkia[1] is the last kingdom of the Imanity. It is located on Andalusia continent, with its capital being Elchea City.

The Kingdom of Elchea used to occupy half of the continent in mythical times, being an area limited to the southern part of the equator, stretching to the northeast of the continent.[citation needed] Now it only consists of a small and vulnerable country that was located in the westernmost part of the previous Kingdom of Elchea.[2]

In recent times, the new king and queen of Elchea - Sora and Shiro - have regained many of the territories lost to the other races, and formed Elchea Federation.



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  2. Volume 1: Chapter 1, Part 2

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