• Professional Information•
Country Harden Fell
Race Piece Bishop
• First Appearance•
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 6

The Dwarf (地精種(ドワーフ), Dowāfu) are a race ranked 8th in the Exceed. They reside in Harden Fell, the second largest nation on Disboard and are a rivalry nation to the Elves' Elven Gard. While unable to use magic directly, they are best at making magical machinery, as shown by their advanced dwarven technology in Light Novel Volume 6 during the war.

Old Deus · Phantasma · Elemental · Dragonia · Gigant · Flügel · Elf · Dwarf ·
Fairy · Ex-machina · Demonia · Dhampir · Lunamana · Werebeast · Seiren · Imanity

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