• Professional Information•
Country Harden Fell
Race Piece Bishop
• First Appearance•
Light Novel Volume 6

The Dwarf (地精種(ドワーフ), Dowāfu)? are a race ranked 8th in the Exceed. They reside in Harden Fell, the second largest nation on Disboard and are a rivalry nation to the Elves' Elven Gard. While unable to use magic directly, they are best at making magical machinery, as shown by their advanced dwarven technology in Volume 6 during the war.


Old Deus · Phantasma · Elemental · Dragonia · Gigant · Flügel · Elf · Dwarf ·
Fairy · Ex-machina · Demonia · Dhampir · Lunamana · Werebeast · Seiren · Imanity

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