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A dragon that appeared in Episode 1
AKA Dragon
• Professional information•
Exceed ranking 4th

Dragonia (龍精種(ドラゴニア), Doragonia)? is the fourth ranked of the Exceed. While a dragon appears in the anime's first episode, it appears much later in the light novels.

It is also worth noting that Jibril states that it took about 50 Flügels during the war to take down a Dragonia, which clearly illustrates their power.

The three kings of Dragonia are:

  • Aranrave (焉龍(アランレイヴ), Aranreivu)?, died, along with 6 other Dragonias, in a battle against 3496 Ex-machina.
  • Hartyrave (終龍(ハーティレイヴ), Hātireivu)?, called "the strongest to be born" losing the title only to Artosh.
  • Reginrave (智龍(レギンレイヴ), Reginreivu)?, the only female among the three.
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