• Kenpachizaraki0071

    How I found the series of No Game No Life, the year was 2014 I was still very new to anime and was trying to find something new and came across No Game No Life around 2 in the morning while sleeping over at my Aunts place. If I remember correctly it was nearing the end of the series on Crunchyroll 11/12 episodes were realesed and the 12th being released the day of (or a few afer I can't remember)

    And I instanly loved it from the vivid colouring the great story how it made you think everything was great with it after it was over I left it until I found out that it was getting both an English Dub (which I prefer more since I can consintraite on the show and everything else going on easier) I watched it once in the Dub and I still loved it eve…

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  • The Sacred Bed Burrito

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  • Tomeiame

    DA group

    February 21, 2016 by Tomeiame

    Feel free to join it :3 It's made for fans by fans, let's have fun~

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  • Ore-Kito

    I'm New To NGNL Wiki!

    November 30, 2015 by Ore-Kito


    Just started this wiki, and I know just about...


    If you guys could give me some tips on how I could help that would be great! I've watched the anime, and read the light novel. Thanks!

    -Kito, hopefully not upset.

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  • Hongqilim

    Sentai Filmworks announced with a video on Thursday that Scott Gibbs is costarring as Sora in the English dub of No Game, No Life. --Hongqilim (talk) 18:27, August 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Plum&Orange

    I'l try to write this in a spoiler-less way... I found it interesting how "one of the girls" used the "Equally distributed objects" to make "one of her stats" exceed "a certain value" in order to have "some other person" do things that would now be "permitted by a certain group of people that don't even matter here".

    You should be able to understand if you've read the book...

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  • Artificial SwordsMen

    My View

    July 25, 2015 by Artificial SwordsMen

    Personaly I thought that No Game No Life was awesome but the dubed version not so much the voices did not suit the characters, besides all that i hope thats there will be more sessions till the series is probley finished.

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  • Slimshady2015

    There is a trailor out for a season two crossover and rumers of yet a third season after that.

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  • Kusabireika

    just wondering?

    March 13, 2015 by Kusabireika

    if sora and shiro beat tet second time around with the help of sixteen exceed do you think those sixteen exceed will fight them to test their streght against both of them "sora and shiro?"

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  • Frozen-Will

    My Project

    December 15, 2014 by Frozen-Will
    1. Convert to Latex.
    2. Make the right calculation of episode 1 (how what the mistakes were), by the way Shiro is calculating on an another way then normal people do. 
    3. Convert right calculation with arguments and comments.

    Math Rules card game formula:

    • n = unknown value.
    • , = is based on the Asian System, so 1 million in English 1.000.000 is = Asian system 1,000,000
    • // is comment
    • [V] = or
    • >>> = See next line
    • 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc. each group numbers indicate a statement + Proof (why statement isn't correct)

    Original calculations:

    1. (So this isn't the solution)
    >>> The differences: 1. 649740 - 64740 = +585000 (So 585000 + 64740 = 649740 ) 2. 2598960 - 258960 = +2340000 (So 2340000 + 258960 = 2598960) Read more >
  • TheProgenitorNoblesse

    In actuality, I really don't know how long I will stay here, but I'm here for a reason to see things get done without warning.

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  • Qunow


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  • PremiumShiny

    Shiro's Consent

    September 13, 2014 by PremiumShiny

    Hey guys...

    Sorry for those that was trying to get this badge but... I got it. And so... that puts me... what #16

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  • Ultimate Nova

    translated volumes

    August 31, 2014 by Ultimate Nova

    so everybody, this is my first blog but ive been making some edits to this wikia for some time now.

    lets go to the main point, so Baka Tsuki has finally translated volume 5 completely and ive read it. however im too tired to edit some pages. therefore if any of you could halp out, it would be appreciated.

    a small link to their page:


    looking forward to your RELEVANT editings, thank you

                                                                                                                                    the greatest power


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  • Qunow

    License announcement

    August 30, 2014 by Qunow

    baka tsuki announced that No Game No Life novel have already been licensed and its first volume will be publish by the time of April 2015.

    Note that previously there're already information saying the series'manga adaption is licensed too and would release before the end of year 2014.

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  • Qunow

    Series Average Vol1  2 3 4 5 6
    Lovelive2 80212 111259 49164

    Haikyuu 29665 29665

    jojo season3 12111 12111

    Mahouka 11799 11799

    Is the order rabbit 11248 12090 10405

    MCA 9388 11394 8750 8021

    NGNL 8860 9945 7775

    Sidonia 8192 9561 7879 7136

    Initial D final stage 7345 7419 7271

    DALII 5731 6304 5158

    kamigami no asobi 5374 7233 3920

    one week friend 4625 5330 3920

    Mushishi Zokushou 4128 4128

    petitimas 2 3237 3322 3249 3140

    black bullet 3188 3188

    Kawaisou 2863 2863

    captain earth 2481 2481

    Escha 2047 2047

    Gokukoku 1947 1947

    Kenzen Robo 1548 1548

    Akuma no riddle 1468 1469 1467

    Chaika 1414 1490 1338

    Kanojo Flag 1047 1324 770

    Seikoku 919 919

    Inugami san and Nekoyama san 712 712

    Mangaka 679 679

    nanana 659 817 500

    soul eater not 408 408

    blade and soul 362 362

    Fuun Ishin

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  • Racingandy
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  • Qunow

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    So far the only Exceed in No Game No Life we've seen are the Imanity, Seiren, Warbeast, Dhampir, Exmachina, Elf, Flugel, Dragonia and Phantasma. So I got to wondering what some people think the other Exceed may look like and I decided I'd make a blog to ask that very question,

    So what do you all think the Lunamana, Demonia, Dwarf, Fairy, Gigant, Elemental and Old Deus races may look like?

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  • Qunow

    According to a pen to be released by NGNL official, , Name of characters would be Sora, Shiro, Steph(Stephanie), Jibril, Chlammy, Fiel, Izuna. Both Feel and Fiel will be coexust for a while. And while it use the name Teto, we'd still stick to use Tet for now. see Terminology List that's currently building bby our wiki for more info.

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  • Maine12329

    went to cosfest!

    July 6, 2014 by Maine12329

    was at Cosfest Asia XIII in Singapore. (It's near my house, so I usually go. lol.)

    I really love this pic of the Sora and Shiro cosplayers (there were 3 pairs of Sora and Shiro cos-ers). Although it doesn't feature their faces, they are perfectly in their own world like how Sora and Shiro should be.


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  • Qunow
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  • Maine12329

    Twitter widget

    May 11, 2014 by Maine12329

    I changed the twitter widget to a NGNL wiki twitter account. If anyone else wants to tweet, just tweet to me and I'll retweet it~

    I'm thinking of sharing the password of the account if admins want it.

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  • Maine12329

    Baka Tsuki work

    May 10, 2014 by Maine12329

    I just started working on Baka Tsuki and posted the translation to Volume 4 Easy Start. May start translating more of the light novels if I have the time to.

    Also, someone seems to have posted C933103's translation of the Preface there. Do you want your translation posted there? o.o and since it looks like it's stolen/uncredited to you, we could point it out and indicate for you to be credited.

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  • Esmorax

    Hi all^^

    May 7, 2014 by Esmorax

    Hi all!

    First of all I want to say that I am a great fna of this anime!

    I just recently found out via the anime debut, but I soon caught up on the manga and the Light novels too. It is something new, something refreshing with a special tough. I really like it ;)

    I therefore hope that I will be able to contribute to this wki and make it even better ^^

    I have worked and am working on several other wiki's, though not all really active due to having real life businesses, however, I hope that we can all get along ^^

    Please, do not hesitate to PM me if you have a question I could help you with^^


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  • Qunow

    Imanity-go deciphered.

    May 6, 2014 by Qunow

    See for details.

    This is created by the anime production team.

    Let see will people quickly decipher the author-created Flügel language quickly.

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