Avant Heim
Avanto Heimu
Avant heim
Location In the Skies
Controlled By Flügel
• First appearance•
Anime Episode 1

Avant Heim (アヴァント・ヘイム, Avanto Heimu)? is where the Flügels reside. It is a city floating in the sky, but simultaneously, it is also one of the Phantasma, and thus a sentient being as it is part of the Exceed.

Avant Heim's structure is made of a huge number of cubes stacked up in a complex and irregular way, making navigation difficult. It also has no roads, as Flügels can fly. There is a skull of a Dragonia with a ribbon on it. This is the skull of the Dragonia that Jibril killed by herself.

Avant Heim was a former protege of the Old Deus Artosh. Along with the Flugel, he aided the god of war into nearly seizing the throne of the One True God. However, it was never accomplished as Artosh was slain before they could capture their prize. He could not accept his master's death and has since been attempting to reach the red moon where the Lunamana reside due to the presence of an Old Deus there which he mistakens as Artosh.


  • Avant Heim could translates into 'First Home', with 'Avant' as 'first' in Romansch, and 'Heim' as 'home' in German.
  • However, the author has tweeted that 'Avant' comes from modifying the pronunciation of 'abandoned'.

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