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The Flugels and Artosh
The Flügels with Artosh
• Characteristics•
 Race Old Deus
 Hair Black
 Eyes Golden
 Status Deceased
• Relationships•
 Family Azriel (self-appointed daughter)

Artosh (戦神(アルトシュ), Arutoshu)? is the Creator (or "father" by Azriel's definition) of the Flügel and a member of the Old Deus. Considered the "God of War". He was killed near the end of Great War, before the Ten Pledges were implemented by Tet.


Artosh is a hulk of a man, standing at over double the height of a regular man. He is described as sporting bulging muscles all over his body, a strong black beard, and bright golden eyes. He has 18 pairs of wings on his back that, when not in use, entirely drape over his back like a feathered cape. 


Artosh is extremely prideful, calling himself the 'strongest being alive' and constantly boasting of his unbridled power compared to the other 'weeds'. However, he is also known to be eccentric and mysterious, always hoping for an opponent worthy enough to face him head-on.


Artosh originally created the Flügel as a means of dispatching the other Old Deus, with Azriel responsible for conveying his will to the rest of the Flügel. He resided in the throne chamber of Avant Heim all day long, giving Azriel his orders and then looking down on the world below from atop his throne with disinterest. However, during the climax of the Great War, when the Ex-machina collectively reproduced over a thousand Airstrikes to provoke the Union, Artosh retaliated by gathering all of the Flügels' power to unleash his ultimate attack, Godstrike. Firing Godstrike left Artosh and the Flügel weakened and exhausted, a situation which was exploited by Riku and the Ex-machina to infiltrate Avant Heim and take him out.

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